The School Management Committee on behalf of Principal & Staff congratulates students of class X and XII for the exemplary results. || Class XII toppers : Sree Raksha P – 97.6% | Sanjeebani Parida – 97.2 % | Dhruv Saxena – 95.2% | Pooja B Halcher – 94% | Shreya Shirur – 93.6% | Ishaan Pandey – 93.2% | Lavanya Singh – 91.4% | Rajathadri R – 90.8% | Vishishta Tyagi – 90% | Ananya Pandey – 89.8% || Class X toppers: Harini S – 96.8% | Doyel B – 96.6% | Maanya Dash – 96.3% | Aranjay Ahuja – 95.5% | Tanmay Verma – 95% | Apurva S - 94.8% | Mandara V – 94.3% | Renu C – 94% | Padmini Singh – 93.8%.
About Us


Welcome to Air Force School Hebbal an ISO 9001:2008 certified premium school in service for over five decades. 


Air Force School Hebbal is a Pre-University institution replete in its structure from Nursery to the Primary wing up to the Senior Secondary wing in the school. The eminence of the Air Force schools lies in its discipline & Service that it extends to the progeny of the Air Warriors both serving & retired personnel across the country. This facility is also extended to the offspring of civilians & other government institutions.

It’s Interesting to recollect that the school was nestled in the campus of HQ Training Command way back in 1958-59, humbly offering nursery & primary education. The inability of the adjoining KVS to accommodate all the children on the posted strength of Air Warriors in the HQ & its lodger units necessitated the expansion of this school. The school has grown in leaps & bounds to its current Senior Secondary stature offering  Science  & Commerce as options  to edify the learner

Our belief that ‘Education is not learning the end statements but to have deductions from the end statements’ puts the learner in the front seat of learning, gets him connected with his learning through self experiences and deductions.

With a strong belief that Discipline builds one’s character, the school aims to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, tolerance and compassion through the terms of discipline.

 The school includes/ updates various activities of Sports and Games, NCC, Cubs and Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides which instil Discipline in the students alongside developing their physical and mental aspects.

Regular visits of uniform personnel on the Campus for guest lectures /any other activities fills our students with a sense of pride and inspires them to excel in their lives.

Here, we believe that Learning happens and remains Imprinted with Self Experiences. Therefore, we provide innumerable opportunities of Experiential learning to help our students connect with the local environment to make their learning more meaningful and a joy.

Our students actively participate in real life activities and social movements/Community Services converting every occasion into a learning experience.

The Cosmopolitan Culture of the school and the foundation laid by various school activities makes our students socially awakened and responsible citizens. The water auditors, green auditors, energy auditors, waste management auditors, Language auditors are constantly alert on their jobs spreading awareness of the mindful use and management of the physical and social environment on the campus and off the campus in their own communities.

The ever-supporting School Management never misses an opportunity to empower its staff with the latest educational advancements through Educational workshops training and Seminars.
Changing with the time has always been our school mantra of success. Introducing Smart Classrooms, engaging with Google classrooms/Flip classes has captured the learning interests of the digital learners. Introduction of new Sport Curriculum with the aim of Healthy and fit new generation has generated new enthusiasm in a very positive way.

Visit to defence units, participating in the events of National Debates and interests brings in a sense of pride and patriotism in the students.



Today we stand, our heads held high with many recognitions and awards to our credit. Viz.,

       •Best Air Force School Consecutive Four Years    
       •Teenovators  award for innovation        
       •Recipient of Grants for the establishment of our Proud Atal Tinkering Lab     
       •Fifth Best School in the Times of India Survey of Bangalore Schools 2019



It is an honour and a privilege to be the Principal of Air Force School Hebbal a school associated for nurturing the right values,imparting knowledge,coupled with a vibrant, holistic goal oriented atmosphere that channelises ambitions through sustained commitment. The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and instils them with values that could govern all their choices in life. Education to me not only provides answers but also equips the student with ways and means to cull out answers through introspection and also his environment. I am fortunate to have a dedicated and committed faculty team, who also believe in 'empowering students' with the right tools to help them join the hallowed ranks in the league table. AF School, Hebbal has been ranked as Number 10 in the magazine 'Co-curricular Education' amongst the Day schools.


Milestones of our journey







Education World' (The Human Development Magazine) in September 2010 edition has brought out a highlight of the EW-C fore survey of Day schools in India. Per the servey, AF School, Hebbal ranks  57 amongst India's Best Day Schools league table and 26 in the South Zone league table. AF School, Hebbal has also got the  9th Rank in 'Co-Curricular Education' and 10 Rank in 'Value for Money' amongst the top 10 Day schools.

The Air Force School Hebbal was adjudged as Best school in Academics among all the Air force schools in the educational conference held on 16 Feb' 2012 at New Delhi.

Kudos once again this year as  'AF School, Hebbal has got a Ranking of 17 in Karnataka's Best Day Schools league table and is Ranked 76 -All India in the league table.  

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