The School Management Committee on behalf of Principal, Staff & Students congratulates school toppers of Class X & XII. Kshitish Raj Dwivedi – 95.4%, Shreya Shrikrishna Sankpal - 95.2%,, Adrija Adhikari - 95% of Class X, , Karpurapu Aniket - 97.2%, Aadya Singh - 96.4%, Leisha Singh - 96% of Science Stream, C Siddhartha - 97.8%, Arshveer Singh Raina – 92.6%, Chirag K P – 92.6% of Commerce Stream, Joel Vargheese Koshy - 90.8%, Saanvi Bangera - 89.2%, Priyanka Pradeep Chandrasekhar - 89% of Humanities stream
Atal Tinkering Lab


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Events @ ATL AFSH



In-House G20 Teachers Summit @ATL AFSH

As India assumes G20 presidency to embark on various segments throughout the year, we at Air Force School Hebbal under the ATL initiative have organised an In-House Teachers Summit to provide unique opportunity to our teachers to innovate and bring out unique solutions for various local & global problems under 7 different themes as a pre-stage of ATL Marathon. 


The panelists were from diverse background to drive the teachers of the right path of mentoring the students to be able to achieve success in transforming the ideas into actual implementation. 

Tinkerpreneur 2022






Winner of ATL Marathon 2020 (Top 30) exhibiting his project Meter Reading App at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center. Wonderful exposure to the students and it was a great learning experience. Thank you AIM for proving this platform 

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Mentor Meet at AFSH

Mentor Meet with the AIM team at Air Force School Hebbal.


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ATL Marathon 2020

Congratulations to Vishal and Sanskriti of Air Force School Hebbal for making it to Top 30 in the ATL Marathon 2020.


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Reverse Mentoring - ThinQX Bootcamp


_ATL @ AFSH is back with yet another Bootcamp. Just that the roles are flipped. While the mentors of the program are from class 7 and class 8, the learners are the teachers of the school. ThinQX is hosting a 10-day boot camp for teachers of Air Force School Hebbal, where, we focus on helping teachers learn about all the different types of digital tools and technologies that can help them with their teaching.

*Dates:* 12th-22nd April 

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ATL Gadget Making

The students from all the four houses competed to build, re-construct, innovate over the old electronic components make the best use of these provided components like the old projector, camera, fans, motors, PCB, mother boards, CPU etc. 


ATL Community Day 2022

Celebration of ATL Community Day 2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on April 14, 2022


Visit of AIM Mission Director Dr. Chintan Vaishnav

It was an honour to have Dr. Chintan Vaishnav visit our school and discuss how each of us have played a part in transforming the ATL of our school


Maker Faire

Do you know that the Tinker Champs are young student-champions who are spreading a culture of tinkering, innovation and entrepreneurship all across India!

And, the Tinker Champs are conducting an online Maker Faire for school students on the 12th, 13th and 14th November! It's online, and it's free to attend!


The 3-day Maker Faire is a one-of-its-kind program - driven entirely by students ! It's a unique opportunity for you to learn many new things - whether you are a student, teacher, or mentor. Check out the Tinker Champ website to know more: 


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May be an image of text that says "Tinker" Champr TINKER CHAMP MAKER FAIRE THEMES Day 1: Digital Technologies Day 2: 21st Century Skills Day 3: Entrepreneurship Register at or scan the QR code htp:forms.gleisDe72Nckgj3KqecBM"




ATL Community Day 2021



Yet another year of Community Day Celebrations, but this year its huge in all aspects.

- Its Virtual!!!

- 500+ students/parents and teachers from 20 schools across 6 Districts in Karnataka!!!

- 32 skills divided into 4 Levels!!!


A unique initiative by Air Force School Hebbal - Online ATL Digital Skilling & Prototyping Bootcamp to celebrate the Community Day for 10 long days starting from April 14 2021 to April 23 2021, adding more to this will be the Prototyping Session until May 5th 2021.

Every year, ATL Community Day is conducted in the month of April in all Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) across the country. This year, ATL Community Day will be held on 14th April 2021. On this day, we engage with several community schools and their students in tinkering and innovating related activities.


This year though, instead of a one-day event, we plan to conduct a 10-day online Summer Camp / Bootcamp in Digital Skilling & Prototyping Challenge. The bootcamp runs from 14th April to 23rd April 2021 and is open to students (in class 6 to 12), teachers and parents from eligible schools.


The bootcamp intends to equip participants with foundational skills in a variety of digital tools and technologies to spur creative thinking and innovative application of digital technologies in everyday life. Participants will be given exclusive access to simple, but high-quality multi-media eLearning resource materials, using which they can acquire digital skills on their own, at their own pace, and from the comfort of their own homes using a computer with Internet connection. Subsequent to the bootcamp, participants are encouraged to build a digital prototype of an innovative idea and submit the same within a week's time.


 Aspire, Not to be, But to do

If there were no restrictions on the availability of resources, I would help the poor, the needy and the workers that are exploited, the Farmers. If anyone needs access to money, food, water, shelter etc., we will have everything to give to them. It is because money doesn't matter as much as food does. Bread, water, and a shade to live under is the highest priority of a living being, without it, they would cease to exist. The farmers and workers are always exploited by their peers, we also can’t make them into businessmen. Women as industrialisation is something that should not be allowed to enter the agricultural or any other sector, at all. We should enforce their rights, their ability to know for the fact that they are not being exploited and should have the basic equipment to feed their family and live happily ever after. 

Archie Singh



ATL Activity Maker Faire Aug to Nov 2021. 

Air Force School Hebbal (AFSH) Bangalore conducted a 3-month long inter-ATL leadership-development programme called Tinker Champ between August and October 2021. Tinker Champ is a student-driven and mentor-assisted initiative for ATL students that aims to develop 21st-century skills and leadership qualities among student tinkerers. It enables students to spread a culture of tinkering, innovation, and entrepreneurship far and wide in their schools and communities by empowering them to take initiatives and drive actions that make an impact on the ground. Link of website:



ATL Activity. AWS Young Builders Challenge Nov 2021AWS

Niti Aayog AWS Young Builders Challenge is an initiative by AWS, launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education- Innovation Cell (Govt. of India), Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to promote and foster a scientific temper, computational and design thinking, coding skills in young minds. This collaborative effort aims to infuse the basic understanding of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing and their impact on the future of India.

ATL Activity AI (BOOT CAMP). 

30th July to 12th Aug,21, BCM Foundation students went through the following activities
• Date:30th July to 12th Aug,21

• Time: 3:00 pm. Inauguration of Boot camp.

• Date: 31st July,21

• Time : 3:00 pm Making walking animation

• Date:1st Aug,21

• Time:3:00 pm Making beetle in the maze game

• Date: 2nd Aug,21

• Time:3:00 pm detecting the motion of a human face

• 3rd aug,2 1 classifying the images as dog or cat

• 4th Aug,21 –making an alexa of your own

• 5th Aug,21brainstorming for the capstone project

• 12th Aug,21 Boot camp winner announcements


Creative project6th to 8th Aug EREHWON, Conducted by experienced facilitators from EREHWON – A Globally leading Innovation Firm. It is currently collaborating with NITI Ayog to scale the impact of ATL,s
The students over the four sessions
- Expanded their ability to go beyond the obvious and generate , new creative ideas and
-Worked in teams to apply the IMPACT INNOVATION PROCESS for a live challenge


ATL Activity WCF-ATL

Cyber smart program24th July,21 Air Force School Hebbal Students got awareness about Cyber smart program, Cyber Security

ATL activity ATL community day Aug 18 to Jan 30,2021:

Air Force School Hebbal:- Entrepreneurial Skills program was conducted where students formed teams to build a company with various departments and develop an innovative product ATL Activity Solopreneur ship Programme Oct 23 2020 to January 2021. Air Force School Hebbal:- An initiative to encourage children towards a type of entrepreneurship in which a single person owns and runs a one-man business independently without hiring any employees.


ISRO in collaboration with NITI AYOG and ATL INNOVATION MISSION: It was a challenging activity for children and they took this challenge in a very positive way. They learnt many and are ready to lean more.


On 15/11/2021: Amazon Web Service and ATAL Innovation Mission. It was a great opportunity for children to showcase their talent where they actively used different tool to enhance their creativity.

ATLTINKER CHAMP 12/11/2021 to 13/11/2021

  • Air Force School HebbalIt was a program which has truly helped children to develop 21st-century skills and leadership qualities among student-tinkerers. It enables students to spread a culture of tinkering, innovation, and entrepreneurship far and wide in their schools and communities by empowering them to take initiatives and drive actions that make an impact on the ground.
  • The 3-day action packed event will have webinars, technology demonstrations, panel discussions, product demos, quizzes and games corresponding to the above three themes. The Maker Faire event is planned, organized, and conducted by the Tinker Champs themselves. In addition, key highlights, initiatives, achievements, and accomplishments of Tinker Champs will also be showcased online (on the Maker Faire website) along with podcasts, eBooks, blogs, websites, quizzes, and games designed and developed by the Tinker Champs.
  • ATL Activity AI integration with curriculum 9 to 11th Aug,21 Air Force School Hebbal. Stretched from introduction i.e. the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, use of AI in almost every sphere of our live s and then the use of Ai in our subjects to make learning fun for the students




Innovation Portal 

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SKEI Technoutsav 

Prize winners: Vedant and Anthriksh from class IX

Game in 'Health and Hygiene' developed by them, on 04th November 2020.