The School Management Committee on behalf of Principal & Staff congratulates students of class X and XII for the exemplary results. || Class XII toppers : Sree Raksha P – 97.6% | Sanjeebani Parida – 97.2 % | Dhruv Saxena – 95.2% | Pooja B Halcher – 94% | Shreya Shirur – 93.6% | Ishaan Pandey – 93.2% | Lavanya Singh – 91.4% | Rajathadri R – 90.8% | Vishishta Tyagi – 90% | Ananya Pandey – 89.8% || Class X toppers: Harini S – 96.8% | Doyel B – 96.6% | Maanya Dash – 96.3% | Aranjay Ahuja – 95.5% | Tanmay Verma – 95% | Apurva S - 94.8% | Mandara V – 94.3% | Renu C – 94% | Padmini Singh – 93.8%.
Counselling Cell


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Effective Parenting, Preventing and Understanding Mental Health Issues in Children VIDEO

Effective Parenting, Preventing and Understanding Mental Health Issues in Children PPT

The School has a counsellor who is available for consultation and counseling on all work days of the school in both the Primary and Secondary sections. A host of lectures and activities are conducted by the counselor for a well balanced Emotional Quotient in the child. Some of the areas of counseling include :

Identification of various behavioural, emotional, academic and psychological problems. screening and treatment of children with problems like Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Mental Retardation (MR).  Additionally IQ Testing, Aptitude and Personality Tests, Career Guidance through Psychometric tests. Time  and Stress Management, Fear of Examinations especially for the students facing the Board exams are dealt with by the Counselor.  Enhancement will be the areas of focus.  Workshops for parents and children on various areas of Mental Health and Sex Education is also conducted periodically to ensure a healthy body and mind in the student community.



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