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Principal's desk

 “Education is the Manifestation of the Perfection Already in Man”. Swami Vivekananda:

It is difficult to predict the future in our everyday lives, when we implicitly depend on   electronic technologies like the Internet and its interface of Social media in a Twitter, Face Book or a What’s App medium which emphasizes on endless possibilities, but do they actually determine future development?

Projecting ahead over the next ten years what  education should be like in the year 2025 is like spelling out a Dream- not a Control-Cut- Copy of the American Dream – but a Reality where the Curiosity of every student should be awakened through Concepts and Hands- On experiments rather than focusing on making an ‘A-Grade’

 The dominant form of formal education today is schooling. In fact, we can divide things to be learned into two categories, "Common knowledge" formally taught in our elementary and secondary schools i.e. the "three R’s" of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic  and "Specialized knowledge" where Skills must be honed by participating in team activities. The Emotional Intelligences which sparks into Cooperation and Collaboration will sustain, provided we ensure  that we ‘keep it Sharp’ and ‘Share it wide’.  

 As part of the progressive education movement, Holistic education is critical to prepare students not only for academic success, but to also enable them to learn the challenges of living as a whole to create social awareness, healthy relationships, innovation and creativity, responsibilities...coupled with the Right Attitude and an Open Mindset.  

 I wish all of you a successful year 2019-20 and my sincere hope is that my ‘vision of education  2025 “ comes to fruition in the young minds entrusted to me.    

Jai Hind


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