The School Management Committee on behalf of Principal & Staff congratulates students of class X and XII for the exemplary results. || Class XII toppers : Sree Raksha P – 97.6% | Sanjeebani Parida – 97.2 % | Dhruv Saxena – 95.2% | Pooja B Halcher – 94% | Shreya Shirur – 93.6% | Ishaan Pandey – 93.2% | Lavanya Singh – 91.4% | Rajathadri R – 90.8% | Vishishta Tyagi – 90% | Ananya Pandey – 89.8% || Class X toppers: Harini S – 96.8% | Doyel B – 96.6% | Maanya Dash – 96.3% | Aranjay Ahuja – 95.5% | Tanmay Verma – 95% | Apurva S - 94.8% | Mandara V – 94.3% | Renu C – 94% | Padmini Singh – 93.8%.
Admission Guidelines





           Children of serving and deceased (whilst on active service)IAF Officers, Airmen andNCs(E)

(b)Priority –II.

 (i)      ChildrenofservingAirForceSchoolstaff[whosespouseisnotaserving Air Force Officer, Airman or NC(E)].

(ii)    Children of serving Armed Forces personnel posted to MES at that AF Station.

(iii)    Children of serving DSC personnel posted to Air Forceunits.

(iv)    Children of serving civilian staff of Air Force units paid out of Defence Services Estimates.

(v)     Children of serving NPFemployees.

(vi)        Children of serving civilian MESpersonnel.

(c)    Priority –III.

(i)   Children of Air Force Officers, Airmen and NCs(E) who have superannuated from service and children of serving Armypersonnel, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.

(ii)    ChildrenofAirForceOfficers,AirmenandNCs(E)whohaveleftservice on Premature Separation from Service (PSS) or on completion of period of Regular Engagement (RE), before the age ofsuperannuation.

(d)Priority –IV.

(i)  Biological/legal grand-children of serving and retired (both superannuated as well as those who have gone out on PSS/completion of RE) Air Force Officers, Airmen and NCs (E).

(ii)    Children of serving Military Forces personnel, GREF & TA


                                                                                                          (e)     Priority – V.

         All other children, including children of foreign nationals/NRIs. 



1.         Prescribed minimum age for admission to Class I in KendriyaVidyalaya was amended to 06-08 years (from 05- 07 years) on 25 Feb 22 as per the recommendations of NEP 2020. A number of students had taken admissions in various AF Schools by then as the admission process had already been initiated in the schools. Considering the requirement of maintaining parity with the minimum age criteria followed by KV, the AF Schools were advised to hold the admission process.

2.         The revision of age criteria by KVs was challenged before Delhi High Court by a group of parents and as a result the admission process in KVs was kept on hold. Considering the uncertainty about disposal of court case during the crucial juncture of changeover of admission session, it was decided to continue the admission process in AF Schools as per the existing age criteria.

3.         In the interim, Delhi High Court dismissed the parents’ petitions on 11 Apr 22 as it observed that the decision regarding revision of age criteria for KV admission was not sudden and was in consonance with the NEP which came in 2020. Subsequently, the decision of KVs to revise the age criteria for admission was also upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. It has thus become imperative to revise the age criteria for admission in Air Force Schools. The revised age criteria are as appended below


Present Age

Revised Age


03 -  05 years

04 -  06 years


04 – 06 years

05 – 07 years

Class I

05 - 07 years

06 - 08 years

Class II

06 – 08 years

07 – 09 years


4.         Accordingly, the minimum age for admission to next higher class (i.e class III) will be revised in the subsequent year (i.e. 2024-25) and the age criteria will get revised each year for the next higher class.

5.         Subsequent, to implementation of revised criteria, AF School students of LKG, UKG and Class I who took admission in AF Schools in academic session 2022-23 will become underage for promotion to next higher class. These students accordingly will have an option to either repeat the current class or skip one/ two year until attaining the minimum qualifying age for promotion to next class.          








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